Refridgeration Repair Orange County-Restaurant Refrigeration Repair
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Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial Refrigeration At Its Best!

AC Replacement Laguna NiguelAir Mighty services and repairs all refrigeration in Restaurants from walk in coolers, ice machines, reach-in freezers and under counter coolers.

You can rest assure knowing all of your product is in good hands. We recognize a commercial refrigeration system is at the heart of any food service business. Every minute counts when a refrigerator or cooler is down, it can be very costly and unsafe for customers. We understand how critical it is to maintain your product at the proper temperature. When a system breaks down it can cause bacteria growth or food poisoning, we make sure you get fast and efficient service so that your product is safe. At Air Mighty Refrigeration in Orange County, your reputation matters!

No refrigeration system lasts forever, however by implementing a scheduled maintenance this can reduce costly repairs, increase equipment efficiency and help identify small problems before they become larger ones. During these maintenance inspections, proper operation of the equipment is tested and verified.

Our Refrigeration Technicians repair and replace only the parts that are needed and not try to upsell or replace unnecessary parts, our technicians are not salesman they are here to repair and service all your refrigeration needs. Air Mighty treats our customers like family because without them we wouldn’t be able to provide our services. Our prices are hard to beat because our customers are our is the first priority. Also we are local !  We are located and do just about any refrigeration repair or freezer repair in Orange County and Los Angeles County.  So give us a call and relax,  your perishable goods are going to be fine.AC Replacement Laguna Beach

Our commercial client base extends throughout Orange County & LA County and we’re proud to say we’ve built an impressive list of loyal, satisfied customers.

We know how important your business needs are, that’s why we offer 24-hour service 7days a week.


Finding the Best Refrigeration Contractors in Orange County

Licensed refrigeration contractors in Orange County are those which have a C-38 license to practice refrigeration repair, new refrigeration installation, handling of refrigerants, refrigerant leak detection and refrigerant charging. Their work includes commercial refrigerator service, commercial refrigerator repair, refrigerated rooms and insulated refrigerated spaces for temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius).

In Orange County  California, any refrigeration work of $500 or more requires a C38 licensed contractor. C38 license holders have worked for others for four years of journeyman level refrigeration work experience; then have passed two licensing exams, and purchased bonding and worker’s comp insurance. They are not legally required to have liability insurance; however, all refrigeration contractors bearing the Prime Buyer’s Report—TOP 10 designation have general liability insurance coverage which reimburses their customers in the event of any damages, in addition to passing all other requirements for certification as Prime Buyer’s Report—TOP 10 such as customer reference checks, hiring only documented workers, clean complaint record, and more.

Refrigeration Contractors most often service commercial and industrial refrigeration clients such as restaurants, grocery stores, food processors, warehouses, dairies, bakeries, meat processors, and other industries that require cold storage. Types of refrigeration units they service or sell include ice machines, meat lockers, air doors, bar refrigeration, blast chillers, chef bases, commercial freezers, commercial refrigerators, display cases, drop-in refrigeration units, food prep tables, merchandisers, milk coolers, under counter freezers, and refrigeration accessories. They are able to repair or replace all the main refrigeration components of restaurant refrigerators and other commercial refrigeration systems, including but not limited to refrigerator compressor repair and compressor replacement.

Commercial Refrigeration Parts & Components

Commercial refrigeration systems and industrial refrigeration systems have five main components:

Refrigerant (A gas that will cycle between gas and liquid state to create cold temperatures in the refrigeration unit)

Compressor (Compresses the gas refrigerant into a liquid)

External exchanging pipes (Refrigeration coils outside the refrigeration unit let the pressured hot gas dissipate its heat, which causes it to condense into liquid at this high pressure)

Expansion valve (A small hole through which the high-pressure liquid is sucked to a lower pressure chamber on the other side where the lack of normal atmospheric pressure causes it to boil back to a gas).

Internal exchanging pipes (As the liquid refrigerant boils in the low-pressure it causes the temperature to drop. This makes the refrigeration unit cold.)